if a trans boy wears makeup cis people are like are like

* cis voice but crying* no…stop… you cant do that…. if you wear makeup youre actually a girl…please….dont lie to us like this….its confusing…please stop…..please…..youre not a boy if you wear makeup….

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mac demarco looks like a really untrustworthy hitchhiker but a really reliable carpenter

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oh my god i don’t care about anything but i just want to have my life figured out and have a career that i enjoy and get good money from and i know i’m gonna be such a kickass adult if i could just figure out what i wanna do with my lonely dumb existenceeee

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“black pride” (or any sort of “minority” pride movement) means “I am proud of who I am DESPITE those who have told me and my people that whiteness is superior” while “white pride” means “I am proud of who I am BECAUSE whiteness is superior” and that’s why it’s ok to say one but not the other

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